How We Help

Why Companies Use Staffing

We believe that what gets measured gets done. Our team has adopted a philosophy of maintaining an “open book” online communication model with all of our clients. You value personal customer service, but we understand that you also need access to tools and data.

Companies use staffing for three main reasons:




General Admin Cost & Efficiency


Cost & Liability



60% Client reduction of workplace injuries within one year of partnering with Us

Our focus on safety-related programs helps us accomplish:

  • A safe workplace for employees

  • Up-to-date safety regulations

  • Loss time reduction

  • Injury prevention policies for clients

Employees are required to visit the office to complete their safety training, which includes information on items such as:

  • PPE Policy

  • Lockout/Tag-Out Policy

  • Safe Lifting

  • Hazard Communication Policy


As a focused partner with OSHA, we use the opportunity to ensure we are always doing our best to enforce a safe and hazard-free workplace by:

  • Demonstrating their compliance and mock safety inspections

  • Receiving assistance in developing safety incentive programs

  • Accepting the work site analysis and risk assessment they provide


Additional Services

Providing clients with the best resources possible is essential. As a client of ours, you will receive access to straightforward employment expertise, co-employment, wage compensation reporting, EEOC, Liability, and we will continue to keep you up-to-date on the latest information regarding safety and employment law.

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Workforce management

The Keystone Group assumes all Human Resource responsibilities, allowing your business to outsource these functions and focus instead on your core strengths.

Services include but are not limited to:

Monitoring and Tracking All Benefits
Developing Employee Handbooks
Safety Training
Performing Employee Disciplinary Actions