Many of our clients practice lean manufacturing. At Parallel Employment Group, we are no different. Our corporate and branch offices have developed efficient and effective processes in payroll, unemployment management, recruiting, and screening. Because our company stays lean and mean we can pass the savings along to our clients. Say goodbye to the “big box” staffing companies, which only care about market share, and say hello to your new staffing solution: Parallel Employment Group, “Working with you.”

A viable workforce is probably the largest cost to your business. Parallel Employment Group can save you money by maintaining a flexible workforce, keeping your business from incurring devastating unemployment costs or an inflated payroll. At Parallel Employment Group, we remain on the cutting edge of the staffing industry by taking a proactive approach to labor cost management.  In response to your needs, we have implemented multiple cost-saving programs. By offering competitive base rates, tiered/adjustable pricing, overtime and payroll rates, and performance rebates, we can directly affect your bottom line.

  • Complete workforce management
  • Tiered pricing adjusted to volume and spend
  • Overtime referral rates
  • Performance rebates
  • Free safety consultations
  • Streamlined invoicing and administrative fitness
  • VMS capabilities
  • “Lean and mean”