Employee Recognition


As this week (Sept. 16-22, 2013) is National Staffing Employee Week, Parallel Employment Group has decided to focus this week’s blog on the importance of employee recognition. Employee recognition is important, not just in the staffing and employment industries, but universally in all workplaces. Research has found that in organizations where recognition occurs, employee engagement, productivity and customer service are approximately 14% better than in those organizations where recognition does not occur. Let’s start with the basics.

What is employee recognition?

Employee Recognition can be defined as a communication between management and employees which rewards employees for reaching specific goals or producing high quality results in the workplace. Recognizing or honoring employees for their service is meant to encourage the repetition of desired actions through reinforcement.

Current research shows that for employees, the most important parts of a recognition program are the ability to receive feedback and give recognition easily. This finding is highlighted by the fact that the most common reason for not providing employee recognition is that there is no established way to easily provide recognition when it is due. Establish a recognition box (much like a suggestions box) in a common area where employees can recognize each other quickly and easily.

Appreciation is a fundamental human need, and understanding the psychology of recognition and appraisal for work well done is essential to encouraging the engagement of others in the workplace. Praise and recognition are crucial to a superior workplace environment. People want to be respected and valued for their contributions on the job. Everyone deserves to experience the sense of achievement for work well done, or at least a valiant effort.


How can I provide employee recognition in the workplace?

There are two aspects to employee recognition. The first is to actually, see, identify or realize an opportunity to praise someone for their work. The second aspect is the actual physical act of acknowledging people for their good work in supporting the values, mission and production of the organization they work for.

There are numerous ways to provide employee recognition in the workplace, and most of them come cost-free! You can:

  • Thank a person by name
  • Specifically state what they did that is being recognized (it is vital to be specific because it identifies and reinforces the action/behavior)
  • Explain how the action/behavior made you feel (as it relates to organization mission, morals, etc.)
  • Point out the value added to the team or organization by the action/behavior


What are the benefits of employee recognition?

The benefits are boundless! The simple, cost-free ways to provide employee recognition in the workplace that are listed above are just a smidgen of the options. These simple and slight acknowledgements provide benefits across the entire organization, spanning from individual employee satisfaction all the way to the client. The act of recognizing desired behavior increases the repetition of the desired behavior, and therefore individual productivity. The reinforced behavior supports the organization’s mission and is a key performance indicator. Additionally, greater employee satisfaction and enjoyment of work means more time spent focusing on the job, and less time complaining.

Furthermore, employee recognition also fosters such benefits as:

  • Direct performance feedback for individuals and teams
  • Higher loyalty and satisfaction scores from customers
  • Enhanced teamwork among employees
  • Retention of quality employees increases (lower turnover)
  • Better safety records and fewer accidents on the job
  • Lower negative effects (i.e. absenteeism and work-related stress)

At Parallel, we believe employee recognition is paramount to a happy and successful work-life balance. We are proud to acknowledge key players throughout our company. We will be honoring two exemplary employees this Sunday at the National Staffing Employee Week Celebration at Miller Park. We look forward to recognizing our top employees, and we hope to see you there!