Oct. Manufacturing Month in WI.


Manufacturing is a huge part of Wisconsin’s heritage, stretching as far back as the early 19th century with heavy equipment manufacturing and papermaking, all the way to the advanced manufacturing of innovative machinery and products of today. The manufacturing sector alone contributes almost $50 billion a year to the economy of Wisconsin. As of July 2013, more than 9,000 manufacturing companies employed nearly 450,000 workers, making it the backbone of our state's economy. Governor Scott Walker proclaimed October as Manufacturing Month in 2012 to recognize both our state’s heritage and the contributions made by the employers and employees of the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing month highlights the industry as indispensable in our economy, as well directs attention to the value of choosing manufacturing as a career path. Manufacturing as an industry offers endless career opportunities that are challenging, interesting and fulfilling.

During the month of October, many manufacturing companies open their doors to schools and members of the public to showcase their innovative products and cutting-edge technology. The companies will often schedule facility tours and presentations that run throughout the month of October.

The manufacturing industry touches all of Wisconsin from the local, regional and state levels, which produces partnerships and business that strengthens and sustains the sector throughout the state. Check out Wisconsin’s Manufacturers and Commerce website for more information, press releases, and a full schedule of manufacturing companies that have scheduled events here.

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