Companies Are Looking to Staffing Agencies for Workers


Finding the right talent to fill open positions can be an exhausting, never-ending process. Posting job openings on multiple websites, sorting through dozens of applications, and sending countless emails and phone calls, all to find out the perfect applicant on paper just isn’t the right fit for your company. This process is very time consuming and can end up costing a significant amount of money over time.

This is when a staffing agency becomes your best friend. Staffing agencies take the stress out of the hiring process and find the most qualified talent for your open positions. According to the American Staffing Association (ASA), staffing agencies hire nearly 17 million employees every year, helping thousands of businesses across the nation. Here are the top 5 reasons why partnering with a staffing agency might be the best decision for you.

#1 - Saves Time and Money

This is the most obvious, yet important reason why companies choose to partner with a staffing agency. The whole process (sourcing, recruiting, evaluating, application, and on-boarding) for each job opening is done by the staffing company. Not only does each step have a monetary cost, but it also has a time cost. Sourcing, recruiting, and evaluation can cost thousands of dollars in work man-hours alone, just for a single position – not to mention the time lost from having an employee solely focus on recruiting. Staffing reduces your hiring costs while still having a dedicated team of experts focusing on your employment needs.

#2 - Try Before You Hire

Temp-to-hire positions allow for a try-before-you-hire scenario that makes the actual new employee orientation much more efficient. The cost for new hire training and onboarding directly can be overwhelming for companies that experience high turnover. Try-before-you-hire gives an employee time to decide if the position is a fit for them and conversely the employer time to decide if the employee is a long term fit. Likewise, the employer is given valuable time to decide to hire the employee on into a full-time role.

#3 - Focus on Core Businesses

Say you’re a metal fabrication company; do you have the time, money, and resources to also be an expert in hiring? Of course, not! Your business isn’t known for sourcing, recruiting, and screening employee’s every day. Staffing agencies are built for efficient hiring. They understand the law, OSHA standards, sourcing, recruiting, timekeeping, and much more because we are experts in the field of employment. When selecting a staffing agency, pay close attention to how long they’ve been in business. In many cases, established staffing companies offer better efficiency and effectiveness, along with a deeper knowledge of local labor pools. Let a staffing company focus on your employment needs so you can be the best at what you do.

#4 - Flexibility

Seasonal variance, project spikes, rapid growth, and market instability are all reasons there is a need for temporary employees. Not only can staffing meet the demand peaks and valleys of employment needs, but it also shields employers from many of the costs associated with fluctuation. Costs such as unemployment, recruiting, benefits, and workers compensation can add up during these periods. Staffing can provide a made-to-order workforce on short notice. For many positions, staffing companies have a pool of qualified candidates waiting for work. With basic training, temporary workers can hit the ground running at a company.

#5 - Small Business Help

Many staffing agencies can be source streams for all categories of hiring, providing quality candidates for entry-level, mid and highly skilled, white-collar, and many more positions. Companies with limited infrastructure benefit the most due to their smaller business operations. Staffing can nearly replace or add an HR department to a small company that doesn’t have the proper resources to do so directly, creating an efficient and reliable much-needed asset to any business.

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