An Open Letter to Our Applicants and Associates


Of all the employment agencies, you chose us. We are humbled and grateful that you chose to entrust Parallel Employment with the task of career placement. We promise to strive for success and prove our worth to you. From the time that you make contact with one of our recruitment and placement specialists to the end and beginning of future assignments, we want your experience to reflect our investment in you as a valuable employee. Whatever career we choose, work is a noble thing. Work creates, builds, and maintains a society which allows us to raise future generations to come. Today, avoiding work can be far easier than applying ourselves to something, and we fully understand and appreciate that you have chosen the difficult, yet more rewarding path. You continue to inspire and uplift us and we take our work, supplying qualified candidates such as yourself for our clients, very seriously.

We can’t promise that we will immediately find the perfect job placement for you. We will certainly do our best, and continue to work hard at finding that perfect fit. If we can’t find you the perfect fit, we are happy to offer you advice on how to best apply yourself, or direct you to the next best option. Even if you aren’t working with us, we recognize that everyone has valuable skill sets that can be put to use somewhere. From the application process through your assignment time, we are here for you and will do everything we can to ensure your success. We work for and with you to build long lasting and successful relationships so that you can reach your goals. Our hope is that through your success you find happiness enough to send us your friends and family who will do just as good a job as you. Thank you for your continued support and confidence in us!