OSHA Safe + Sound Week: August 12 - 18, 2019

What is Safe + Sound Week?

OSHA Safe + Sound Week is designed to raise awareness and understanding of the value of safety and health programs in the workplace and recognize the successes of health and safety programs implemented by organizations across the United States. This week highlights outstanding companies that are committed to their employee’s well-being and offers information on how to keep America's workers safe. Every organization can benefit from this nationwide event by reviewing their already implemented programs, or by learning how to develop their own programs.

Parallel Employment Group is proud to participate in OSHA Safe + Sound Week this year. Workplace safety is a top priority for us and it’s important to demonstrate our commitment to our employee’s safety. It is our responsibility to ensure all our employees go home to their families every day, making it necessary to practice current safety procedures. We will continue to practice workplace safety through management leadership, hazard identification, and worker participation.

Safety Matters Because...

For this year’s Safe + Sound Week, we are showing our commitment to safety by encouraging everyone to get involved in this special nationwide event. The word safety has a different meaning to each and every person and we are asking everyone to share their own statement on what safety means. All of our offices have a sign displaying the words “Safety Matters Because” on their storefront window. When our employees and applicants visit the office, our team will ask them to fill out a card and write why safety matters to them so it can be added to the display. This will be a great way to understand the different ways safety can affect people’s lives.

If you would like to get involved, visit the OSHA Safe & Sound Week page or contact Meg Duffey, our Safety Specialist, at mduffey@teamparallel.com - (414) 443-0525.

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