2019 National Staffing Employee Week

Every year, the American Staffing Association (ASA) dedicates one week to temporary and contract employees across the nation. This week, September 16-22, celebrates the contributions of the millions of employees working with staffing agencies throughout the year. Although it’s called National Staffing Employee Week, we believe every week should be dedicated to our employees. Their hard work and dedication is incredible throughout the year and we couldn’t be more proud with each one of their successes. 

Check out what each team has to say about some of our Staffing Stars for National Staffing Employee Week! 

"Alvaro is a team player, reliable, hard working and willing to work overtime even on hot Summer days. We are very pleased with his performance and dedication." Alvaro V. recognized by our Milwaukee Team 

"Corey is very reliable and dedicated to his job. He is very polite, eager to work and has excellent attendance." 
Corey P. recognized by our Milwaukee Team

"Ines is always willing to try new job opportunities as they come available in order to expand her skills and experience." 
Ines O. recognized by our Delavan Team 

"Deena's ability to learn quickly and strong work ethic turned what was scheduled to be a two week assignment into a 2.5+ year role with increasing responsibility. She is now an integral part of one of our client's operations." Deena Z. recognized by our Fort Atkinson Team

"After one week on the job, the feedback we received from our client was that Debra was the fastest and most accurate employee that they had on the team. Debra has proven to be an excellent ambassador for us." Debra B.recognized by our Janesville Team

"Carlos has showed extremely great leadership skills and a great work ethic. He always has a great attitude and is very loyal and responsible, demonstrating consistent follow through on job tasks." Carlos Z. recognized by our Delavan Team

Congratulations to these employees who were recognized by our offices for their outstanding work this past year. Your hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed and we are so happy to be working with you. Here’s to another year of working with the best employees!