National Staffing Employee Week 2018

This week, September 24-30, is National Staffing Employee Week (put together by the American Staffing Association (ASA)). Our employees are the backbone of our company. Without their passion, drive, and hard work, we wouldn’t be where we are today and we can’t thank them enough for going the extra mile when it comes to their job. According to the ASA, during the course of a year, America’s staffing companies hire more than 15 million temporary and contract employees! That’s a lot of dedication and we, as an employment agency, couldn’t appreciate it more! Our employees deserve to be recognized every day, but we want to highlight them on this special week.

Each of our offices took the time to recognize a few of our hard-working, outstanding employees for their excellent performance. It’s so important to us that our employee’s stories are heard and we are lucky to have them. Please remember to celebrate your employees always because, without them, there would be no you! This is what each team had to say about some of our employees:

“Luis always goes the extra mile.  His solid work ethic and dependability set him apart.  Luis always keeps a smile on his face despite long hours and demanding deadlines and leads the team in overtime hours.  He is always willing to help in any department required in order to meet customer demands.” Luis S. recognized by our Delavan Team

“Aung deserves Employee of the Week, every week! ... He represents Parallel in such a positive way! He is well liked amongst other employees as well as his on site supervisors! ... Aung goes out of his way to make sure that the plant is spotless by the end of his shift. His supervisor also informed us that Aung works so hard he does the work of two people! He has also been known to care for members on his team during break by bringing them drinks and snacks to share.” Aung K. recognized by our Buffalo Team

“Juan, Jose, Luis, and Alejandro came in to apply as a family with no previous work experience.  We placed them on assignment and have received nothing but positive feedback from supervisors. All four have had perfect attendance since their assignments began. They average 65-70 hours per week!” Juan, Jose, Luis, and Alejandro M. recognized by our Fort Atkinson Team

“Isac has been working with us for three years on the same job assignment! We’ve always received positive feedback from the customer. They are happy to have him and so are we!”  Isac G. recognized by our Milwaukee Team

"Steven has perfect attendance in his six and a half years with us! He's the perfect employee and a team player." Steven B. recognized by our Kenosha Team

“Margarito is always willing to help anyone in need.  He supports his team regardless of how busy he is.  He takes pride in his work while creating quality product. Margarito works long days and extra shifts as requested.  He has nearly perfect attendance, and an impressive passion for the role he plays in his position.” Margarito T. recognized by our Delavan Team

 “When Erica's assignment with Generac started, it was to be a short-term temporary assignment.  Through her hard work and dedication, she became invaluable to the team and had her assignment extended indefinitely. She translates orientations/meetings for Spanish Speaking employees, moved to a different facility to fill a staffing need, and has had zero unplanned absences.” Erica V. recognized by our Fort Atkinson Team

“Blu is an extremely driven employee. He has a positive attitude and is eager to go to work everyday. He has great attendance; he has not missed 1 day of work in 5 months. Blu was quickly promoted at our client and caught on to his work very quickly! He now works in a department where he can earn piecework and is rocking it out! He makes the most in piecework out of all of our employees and does a fantastic job!” Blu S. recognized by our Buffalo Team

“Diana is always here on time for dispatch and has great attendance! She works hard and is efficient.” Diana C. recognized by our Milwaukee Team